A Guide On What Other Fish Can Live With African Cichlids Comfortably

  • June 10, 2021

African Cichlids are one of the must-have species of fish if one wants to add a few colors and vibrancy to their aquarium. These fishes are famous and well known for their lovely and bright colors in interest to the aggressive character.

From the very name, one can guess its origin. The African Cichlid is native to numerous African lakes and that’s how African Cichlid got the name.

They are territorial and aggressive in terms of their nature. And, that’s why it’s not prudent to keep the African Cichlid from Tanganyika Lake in the very same tank as those from Malawi Lake.

Compatible Fishes with the African Cichlids

Well, these species do not get along that well with several fish to put in the very same tank. It does not mean they’re solitary in the entirety. Here’s a list of some best tank-mates one may place to live side-by-side with the African Cichlids.

  1. The Clown Loaches

These are the semi-aggressive species of fish that may make an apt match for the African Cichlids. This fish is identified by its black & tan color including the 4 barbels protruding from a mouth.

Their diet includes bloodworms, pellets, brine shrimp, and flakes among several others.

  • Max Size of Clown Loaches: 4.5 inches
  • Moderate: Care Level
  • Water Temp Range: 72to 86 °F
  • pH Range: 6 to 7.5
  1. Plecos

These are apt tank mates to one’s African Cichlids. And being the bottom feeders, one can rest ensured that the tank will keep clean. These fishes feed on the algae and it’d not worry one about cleaning their tank anymore.

Knowing that Plecos spend the majority of the time right at the very bottom of an aquarium, the African Cichlid will have adequate space to swim without interfering with the instant tank mates.

  • Very easy: Care Level
  • Max size of the fish: 60 cm
  • Water Temp Range: 22 to 26 °C
  • pH range: Around 6.5 to 7.5
  1. Leopard Bushfish

An interesting thing about this species of fish is their style of tricking the other fishes in a tank to think they’re only left lying around. One of the many reasons that this fish goes along well with the African Cichlids.

  • Moderate: Care level
  • Max size of the fish: About 7-inches
  • Water Temp Range: 23 to 28 °C
  • pH range: Around 6.0 to 7.5

Well, these are a few of the probable candidates that may go along well with the African Cichlids. Hopefully, this guide will provide you what you have been looking for and you get your answer: what other fish can live with african cichlids.


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