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Understand the basic gameplay of 2

  • December 26, 2020

One of the leisure activities that people love to do is playing games. In the past few years, you might see the evolution of the games and the devices used to play. Now, one gets the chance to play the games in the desired device. Considering the interest of players towards the games, developers keep on developing and publishing on the internet. If you have spare time and search for the games to play you could find thousands of game online. The 2 is a newly published game that is follow up after the hit of You can see the excellent features of this new version of the game. Now, read below to understand the basic gameplay.

The main objective of the game is to control 100% of the territory. In this game, you play as a small moving square with a small territory. You are not only the player on this territory, but there are also many players play with the same goal. They start the game in the same way. When you are on your own territory, you will be completely safe. When you leave the territory trail is created, and if someone else hits the trail, you will die in the game. The games get over, and you have to restart the play. One of the major difference that you should know between the 2 and the previous version is how you move.


On the older version, you get chance only to move in four directions. But in this game, you are allowed to move in the direction that you prefer to move. Also, the territory now becomes circular instead of square. Even if you have the experience of playing the game, it is good to understand the new features. It is essential to master the game so that you have great fun while playing the game. The game gets started with a display of your current characters and your high score. If you want to change any characters, then you have to unlock the character.

You have to take control of territory and should kill other enemies. In this game, you get the chance to obtain extra life by watching an ad. If you do not like to watch, you can decline and come back to the screen. Thus, the game is so thrilling and interesting. Before you start playing the game check out the features and then start the game.


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