Surgical Medical Gowns

Different Kinds of Medical Gowns

  • May 20, 2020

Medical gowns are the protective gear (at times called as Personal Protective Equipment or PPE) used in medical field for protection of the staff & patients from any infections. Different hospitals provide reusable medical gowns that will reduce waste & purchasing cost. Gowns are accessible in a wide range of materials and styles, like plastic gowns and more. Protective gowns & aprons are made with various features for doctors & patients to wear it during any surgery or when attending to the patients. There are different kinds of gowns that are used in medical field which are given below:

Surgical Medical Gowns

The surgical gowns are generally made of the lightweight fabric for best protection as well as these are mainly designed to meet needs of regular clinical workplace. The standard gowns are accessible in various colors with the fluid resistant features. Tunnel belts for surgical gowns are generally made from pure cotton & adjustable belts at a back to adjust this gown with the body. This is very important for the surgeons and their assistants to wear the surgical gowns in order to avoid any kind of infection or other health issues when performing the surgery.

Surgical Medical Gowns

Surgical Medical Gowns


Healthcare workers might need wearing coveralls to get complete protection from any biological fluid. Suppose you’re working biological fluids, which can transmit diseases, like COVID-19, Ebola, Hepatitis, HIV AIDS, or other problems. When you wear cover all gown, it is possible you can protect yourself from the direct contact with this fluid. Coverall gowns are made of the plastic and any waterproof fabric.

Isolation Medical Gowns

Isolation medical gowns are made for the reliable protection with the breathable fabric. And these are the lightweight gowns made with the multi-ply material as well as you may get this in two weights, which includes medium weight & light weight. With waist and neck ties, you will be able to adjust this gown very easily around the body. You can get the fluid resistance protection & low-lining because these gowns are designed from the polypropylene.

Thumb Loop Medical Gowns

Thumb loop polyethylene medical gowns are made to provide maximum protection and save your time when keeping your sleeves to slide up. Thumb loop medical gowns are totally based on the apron-style neck & one can remove it quickly. These kinds of gowns provide good protection to the body against high fluids levels.


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